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To all the brokenhearted people out there, you need to read this.

For the past two days, I’ve been feeling this emptiness that no one could ever explain. It’s like explaining how water tastes like. My lover is consistently invading my mind. And I’m torn into pieces because of what this relationship has brought me. The next time you fall in love; always think of the consequences that are to be experienced by you in the future of that relationship. Don’t fall too much, give a little for yourself. Remember, you can’t function well to show that person you love her/him if you’re too weak to do so. Don’t let yourself revolve on the same person because remember that when he or she is gone, you will have to adjust yourself with the situation of being alone and no one to turn to. Your friends and family are also important in your life. Don’t give in easily. Try to know the person first, try to know if he or she is sincere enough to accept the love that he or she deserves from you. This is the reality of life people; if you’re too serious with someone then you have to accept the fact that you’ll be hurt when he or she will be gone. It’s a package deal; you have to know the ups and downs of a relationship before engaging with one.

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I will not share my IPod with you. Its called an IPod not an UsPod


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Isa lang naman ang hinihiling ko ehh. Ang magbreak na sila.


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Yung sa sobrang init, pati kili-kili mo ay umiiyak na.

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Once upon a time there was you and me.

and they all lived happily never after…

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I would do anything for Love. No… Actually for FOOD


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That awkward moment when your parents ask about one of your old friends that your not friends with anymore


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imanurse started following you - namiss ko talaga siya. Guys, nagbalik na si Anj. Check niyo blog niya :)) Nagulat lang talaga ako dito. 
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Yung babaeng hindi mo aakalaing magiging sayo :)

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Yung feeling na hindi mo masabi sa kanya kung bakit ka nagtatampo. Kasi nga, hindi kami :(

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marjmoko: pssst pwede bang manligaw? :"> HAHAHAH hi mahal!

HAHA! Ako nalang manliligaw sa’yo. Helloooo Mahal! Namiss talaga kita, active mo pa din eh.

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